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A Special Guide For Parents - CLARITY English

A Special Guide For Parents - CLARITY English


English Version


Tools, tips & tricks and practical exercises… A guide to simplify your life, create quality moments with your children, and make space for them to grow.


Downloadable Guide in PDF format (28 pages of advices and 11 pages of appendices)


Edited by Eliette and Marieke Staub, founders of Clarity and Swiss consultants of the famous decluttering method created by Marie Kondo.


  • A Special Guide For Parents - Clarity

    A guide to discover in order to simplify family life, create quality moments with our children and leave them room for them to grow.

    Through different tools, tips and practical exercises, give yourself the means to make a serene Home Detox with your family ...

    Step by step, little by little, the possibility of lasting change is emerging before you and your loved ones.

    Today more than ever, taking care of our living spaces and benefiting from a soothing environment is extremely useful and rewarding in these times of uncertainty, loss of resources and landmarks.

  • A propos de la marque

    Clarity’s mission is to inspire you to declutter your interiors both figuratively and literally, and finally make room for what really matters to you.

    Clarity's approach is gentle, respectful and empathetic. Without judgment, the consultants take into account your personal stories and your attachments to your objects and accompany you in all the possible and unique transitions of your life.

    If there is one common denominator in Home Detox, it is that of a desire for change. Clarity and its team of certified consultants are there to support you.


  • Le conseil des Paillettes Vertes

    "We fell in love with this inspiring guide that sounds so right in this period of confinement.


    Being mothers ourselves, we found a lot of advice to get started in decluttering with the family, and take advantage of this time available to create a new environment for ourselves and for our children.


    Create your own moments and if you do it with Clarity, you will be in good hands."